Dear you,
              How's your day going? I hope well? I'm pretty sure you're wondering who I am and what this blog is all about. First of all welcome welcome and thank you for paying a visit to my blog, I really do appreciate it. Straight to the introduction I'm Deborah Eche, but most people call me Didi. I'm a Nigerian (incase you haven't figured that out already). I live in Port Harcourt, school in Port Harcourt, my life basically revolves around Port Harcourt. Not that I'm complaining or anything, it's a beautiful city with beautiful people.
    I'm an Engineering student by the way. I'm also a photographer, an OAP( On Air Personality), a fashion junkie- I do a little bit of designing every now and then too. I know what you're thinking... "That's a lot", guess what, I'm not done yet.. I'm a writer;obviously, and no I do not model (people keep asking if I do) at least not professionally, you could just say I'm my own model. Didi is a huge DIY fan guys, like really really. My brain automatically starts to think of ways to recycle anything I set my eyes on. So be rest assured that you'll be getting plenty of DIYs here. Speaking of what you'll be getting here, a lot of good stuff that's what. From fashion and style, beauty, haircare, diys to photography, basically everything I love.
     In conclusion, I'm just a girl with a lot of dreams, I want to see the world because there is a lot to see. As a feminist, I believe strongly in the power of a woman and I hope to show my society and the world that power and strength. So to all my ladies out there Aja Aja!! like the Koreans say (it means fighting, be strong). So what do you say? Let's give Didi a chance? Lol, sounds great. Don't fail to comment, you know, show your girl some love, and tell me what you think about my blog. Also follow me on my social media platforms pretty please. See you very soon then
With Love

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  1. Wow! Am so impressed.. Lovely write up

  2. Wonderful. No idea you could write good one. Loved it

    1. Thanks...Stay updated for more good stuff

  3. Its not like iv already liked it shah but I actually do and don't know what to say "I'm all in a coke bottle right now.

  4. I love it....i love wat chu actually a big fan of DIY and a style addict also


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