Hey again, I'm back as promised. Hope things are good with you, things have been quite okay here. Been a really rough week for me, from an unexpected 1 week strike in school- which I must say I was kinda glad about because boy did I need a break from school stress- to trying to secure accommodation close to school, so far, the week has been nothing but stressful. It's all good though because I had a lot of laughs, friends were made, lessons were learned, blah blah blah... Hehehe
    I'm going to be doing a Taking Stock post because it's something I've been wanting to do for a while now, so yeah, I'm getting it done... Enjoy

Making- lists of things I want to get and plans for the blog so you guys can love me more

Cooking - nothing at the moment, because I'm always so damn busy
Drinking - less soft drinks and lots of water
Reading - "All I've never wanted" by Ana Huang, great great book
Wanting - the good looking guy across to notice me and yeah a new phone

Looking - at people's footwear a lot these days that I find it disturbing. You'll be surprised at number of people that wear fakes if you pay attention. I saw a Kike instead of Nike, Apum instead of Puma... Lol, I know

Playing - The Altar album by Banks... I don't even want to get started on how much I love her music
Deciding - that I need to put myself out there more, you know be more sociable and shit

Giggling - during my long talks with Steph about boys and what not; at Tricia's dry jokes; Debra's bitchy and sarcastic comments

Wishing - time would take a chill pill
Watching - little mix shout out to my ex video. It's official, I'm addicted
Creating - more blog content for you guys
Enjoying - going to school on my own because I get to see a lot of crazy stuff on the road everyday
Loving - myself more of course, Yagazie Emezi as always , and Childish Gambino in Atlanta- who's a fan like I am?
Needing - a camera, lots bole and ice cream
Smelling - Goat meat cooking and, me likey
Wearing - no make up and a lot of casuals. I just don't care for now
Following -  a list. Always
Feeling - like I don't spend as much time with God as I used to and deciding that I need to
Bookmarking - lots of blogs and photoshop tutorials

Outfit Deets- This is an outfit I put together one weekend when I was bored and decided to take pictures with my friends. It was a beautiful day with a lot of sunlight, didn't want it to go to waste.. I love this outfit as everything is thrifted and it shows my feminine and soft side, because I tend to wear a lot of black...
  Talk to me, tell me what you think about the outfit and would you take stock?
Till next time then,
With love

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