You know when you're alone at home and bored out of your mind, you then decide to listen to some music and before you know it you're just in your underwear (not the same for everyone) dancing like a crazy person because you're just so happy and free and there's nobody there to judge you or call you a weirdo. That feeling guys....that's how I'm feeling right now. Currently listening to Wiee by Martin Garrix ft Mesto and You don't know me by Justin Skye featuring our very own starboy Wizkid back to back.
           So whats up guys? its December, like December is here, the year has come to an end like play play. Its amazing and I'm very happy because 2016 has been really good to me,a post will be up soon where I'll be talking the about the year 2016 and all that has happened because trust me a lot has happened,good,bad,ugly,strange,what have you.
So in the country lately its been pretty sunny and a usual occurrence to see people on sunglasses. Its an essential accessory I think everyone needs to get him/her through a sunny day.
As crazy as it may sound,there are guidelines to be followed when wearing sunglasses so you don't end up looking like a doofus and wasting your money. These 7 tips I put together is going to help you with that and make you look cooler when next you wear sunglasses

1) Look for glasses that fit your face best
         I've been known to be one that gets sunglasses because I like the way it looks,which that in itself is nothing wrong, but you see certain styles work/looks better on certain face shapes
Round shaped faces-wear square or rectangular designs,these will make your face look longer and thinner. Stick to thick frames, thicker frames can overwhelm a round face
Square shaped faces-Square faces usually features angular,flat chin and strong jaw. My advise would be to go for round or oval designs to soften your features

 Heart shaped faces- For those with these face shape,try round or oval designs that are slightly wider than your face.
Diamond shaped faces-choose sunglasses that have a mixture of round or angular elements as they look really good on diamond shaped faces
Oval shaped faces-these are the lucky group as every design suits them

2) Get the right size
         Big oversized glasses sure can be cool at times,but remember to always strike the balance between your style and what you can pull off

3) Outdoors or Indoors?
      Note sunglasses are meant to be worn outdoors, I don't get why some people choose to wear them indoors or at night. Fashion statement? Uh....I don't think so. So glasses indoors or at night,a big NO

 4) Hair Accessory?
        Hell nah! Unless you don't own pockets or you're running a quick errand,then it'll be tolerable.

5) Invest in a pair of good sunglasses....its that simple

6) When in conversation with others, take your sunglasses off as it shows good manners and can be very distracting you know. Instead of listening to you, their minds wonder what you're really thinking,what your eyes are doing,how disrespectful you're being with glasses on or if you're in a rock band of some kind.

7) Take care of your glasses
        You can clean the lens with a microfiber cloth and use a bit of water to remove persistent stains

There we have it, these are my 7 tips to rocking your sunglasses this season, talk to me,tell me if they were helpful to you in any way and tell me tips you think can help us rock our sunglasses better that I failed to mention.Till next time then.....

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  1. I really needed this thanks didi

  2. True talk babe. People need to know the essence of sunglasses hence it's called sunglasses

  3. Way to go sweety.... True talk

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  5. Cool Didi, the fun fact is that people dont know when to wear these glasses. And the worst of all is rhat you see most people wear sun shade at night. And call it fashion.

    1. I know..its something people should really the way thanks for stopping by.

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