So guys, I'm here again faster than I usually am because stress from other areas of my life keep me from posting very often. That's why I post after every week, but its different today because a lot happened to me since Monday to this very day, that I have decided to come here and rant and maybe in the process relieve some stress.
    It's about 2:32 on this chill Sunday afternoon and I'm still in bed. Yes, I've been in bed all day except for when I had to go take a dump and get food(because niggas don't joke with food). I'm in this state because I'm tired and just don't feel like being out there in the open for now, you can say I find solace in my quiet,dark room.
The events mentioned below transpired between Monday 5 and Saturday 11 December 2016
    Last week started off with me falling sick, like catarrh and sore throat just came from nowhere. Normally I wouldn't take medication till its really late(because I  keep fooling myself that my body can fight off any ailment on its own) but this time I took a bold step and did so. With assistance from a "doctor friend" I can say I'm better now.
Ever been in a situation where what you expected is not what you get and you just have to pay for it anyway to save face? A lady from "the Republic of Benin" met I and a friend of mine and talked about customising our names on our phones and laptops. Her company was giving discounts apparently as part of a promo,we( I and friend) decided to give it a try because it seemed promising and all, I think it was her accent(which was awesome by the way) that got us convinced and her boldness (because I laughed so hard and loudly during the first two minutes she started talking). Anyway,we made an appointment with her to come do it at a later date and she did come. The designs she made were horrible,and that's being nice. She just used super glue and studs to design crap on my laptop,my poor laptop. And I paid her, I paid her!!! What's funny is that I would normally just complain or something but no,Didi was quiet, I even pretended to love it for her sake. To make myself feel better about the whole thing, I tried to convince my inner-man that the wasted money was spent on food,so i don't feel too sad about it..... And I'm getting that shit off my laptop
 Last night,I spoke to a close relative who confided in me about his girlfriend breaking up with him and how hurt he was,giving him some lame ass excuses about why the relationship cannot work out.What's even more sad is how deep he fell, like he was really in love and that's huge because this lad isn't serious about a lot of things in life but he was with this relationship. This whole thing just leaves one wondering how love can be sometimes.It just makes me reflect on what somebody told me earlier on this week about not falling completely in love when in a relationship so it doesn't hurt as much when its over.
Doing that would be a rational step to take but I beg to defer. I don't know a lot about relationships and love but what I do know is that love shouldn't be controlled or held in or given halfheartedly but with all your heart. Granted,there is a high risk of getting hurt,thing is, its part of being human and one of the many complexities of this life but the fear of getting hurt shouldn't stop you from loving over and over again.That's the way it is,you get hurt,choose to be stronger and love again. That's why the love of God is ideal...Simply put,God's love for us is unconditional,so we too as humans should learn to love unconditionally.

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