Hohoho...... Merry Christmas everyone (in my horrible Santa voice). Did I ever mention I have a fantasy of dressing up in a children carton character costume and dancing on the do. Dressing up as Santa would be nice,though I doubt anyone would hire me because I neither the body build or height. Anyho(*grinning* did you get the joke? ay) its Christmas, that means you'll be seeing a lot of red, white and green, snow in some parts of the world, beautiful decors and lots of gifts and food.To be absolutely honest with y'all I wasn't really feeling the Christmas vibe around here at the beginning......who am I kidding, I'm still not feeling it. Like seriously, here in Port Harcourt everything and everywhere is just so dry, I don't know if its just me,my city or if its the same everywhere else. People around say its because of the current economic state of things in the country, most people just aren't hyped about the celebration. The only way you would know its Christmas is by the outrageous increase in  the price of everything....Like why?
       Christmas holidays just goes off in a blur for me. What I mean is I hardly do anything fun,its the normal routine of going to church, cooking, entertaining guests at home or going out to the homes of others to be entertained. I'm tired of that,its going to change this year because Didi is going all the way this time. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram to see what I'll be up to.

With Christmas only a day away and the year coming to an end, there's so much I'm grateful to God for. 2016 was fun guys, a roller coaster yes but fun. A lot happened to me and as I promised here I'm going to be sharing
                    ***There's no particular order to this,just so you know****
For starters, the blog came online, yay!! After wanting this for so long, I was finally able to stop procrastinating and got it done. This blog (my baby) has got to be one of the best things that happened to me this year. Then I got a job at my school radio station as an OAP. Really cool,yeah. I'm so grateful to God because in my wildest dream I never esperrerit. One day I'm looking at an audition ad, next thing you know I'm on air saying "Welcome to the T and D show". By the way, if you're in Port Harcourt and you're not listening to me, mehn what you been fronting on. 103.7 Radio Ust, that's the frequency.
This year I grew, not so much physically but mentally, intellectually,and uhm spiritually. I kept more stable relationships, became more sociable, a little bitchy, bolder and very comfortable in my skin. It was generally a year of self acceptance and self love.

My family and friends I'm so grateful for. I got to understand how important siblings are,yes they can annoy you most of the time but then again they're like the only ones there for you on those rainy days when you feel like shit...My friends! you know yourselves,thank you for making 2016 amazing. I know 2017 is gonna be crazier

Took a short break to dance to Bugatti by Acehood ft Future and Rick, who remembers it? So last but definitely not the least, I cant forget my photography journey this year...twas cool. I didn't get a camera like I hoped but I'm still grateful because regardless I got to work with really amazing photographers from whom I learnt a thing or two. Next year is going to be great for me in this aspect of my life....I can feel it,can you?

I would be a liar if I said this year was all good,some bad stuff happened too. Is it strange that I can't quite remember those bad experiences...those of them I thought were bad then, aren't so bad now that I think of it....but oh well, to hell with those bad memories, I've got the good ones.

Outfit Deets
Top- Topshop
Skirt- thrifted
Berkinstock- gift from my mum
Tote bag- thrifted
       I love these pictures for a lot of reasons,for one I look really cute in a sexy kind of way, and can you feel my hair and yes they capture me at one of my happy moments this year
                  2016 was all round a good year for me,how was it for you?what are your plans for the holidays?Talk to me,tell me the weird,crazy,embarrassing and ofcourse the good stuff that happened this year and lets laugh about it and have fun  
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  1. Stephanie Fimibama25 December 2016 at 15:14

    Nice. Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Yea...I feel the excitement. It's nothing short of the bearer. I think for me,it was actually a period of learning and goal building...PS,I got to meet a few amazing people like 'Deborah Eche'. Lol...but that's pretty much of how it went down for me this year. And lest I forget my blog would be chunning out officially come next year. Nice job Didi🙌👏👏

  3. So happy for you lady! Congrats on your job and I'm looking forward to see the amazing things that 2017 brings your way.


    1. Thanks,thanks,thanks and thanks again Louissa for stopping by. 2017 officially became better guys


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