Heyyyyyyy! Long time no see. I looked at the date today and realised it's the 19th, like already? I remember the 1st like it was yesterday and its now 18 days later, time really does run fast. So still in the "new year, new errthing" spirit, I'm here again with some amazing 14 tips on how to stay slaying and stylish all year round. Yeah, you heard me, all year round regardless of whats in trend. Enough talk already..... Let's dig in

1. Seek Inspiration - Before doing anything, know what your style is exactly. If it's classy, casual, bohemian, goth, chic, whatever, just know what kind of style you're into. Then go online and like I said, seek inspiration, see what others are wearing and know how you can copy that and make it your own.

2. Shop during off-season- High cost of clothing can be one of those things that can hinder you from looking stylish this year. One solution? Shop during off-season. For example red clothes tend to be expensive during the Valentine season, so shopping before then would be best. Also shopping for sweaters/cardigans before winter season can help you cut down on cost.

3. Make your basics work - I read once that basics are the foundation on which a wardrobe is built. They need life to look good. Life in an outfit is found in what you do to make your basics interesting and different every time you wear them. Basics are simply those neutral muted colours in case you're wondering; black, white, gray, brown, denim/navy blue. Bold accents can be used to bring more colour and life to your basics.

4. Sell clothes you don't wear

5. Then buy what you don't have

6. Wear shape fitting clothes - Note I'm not saying you should wear body con dresses all the time. What I mean is wear clothes that show off your shape just right. Baggy can be cool sometimes as long as you know how to draw the line between cool baggy and just plain over size. 

7. Be Creative with your clothes - You're done with a top? next step would be to sell, give out or just throw away? I don't think so. Try being creative and make stuff of it. Like a trendy off-shoulder, choker necklace, piece for patchwork, etc. Just be creative and think outside the box.

8. Accessorise Accessorise - one thing about accessories is that they can turn a plain 'ol boring outfit into something really interesting. So don't fail to wear statement accessories if you wanna slay.

9. Hair works too - when all seems to fail, focus on your hair. If this is in perfect condition and looks great, then you're good to go.

10. Keep it Simple - you don't always have to put on everything all at once. From clothing pieces to accessories to makeup keep it simple. Remember less is more.

11. Lifestyle - this is one very important fact. Know who you are and what you stand for. Dress to reflect that. A 65 year old woman dressing like a 16 year old doesn't make much sense now, does it?

12. Never neglect scent... Never

13. Take good care of your clothes - wash your clothes regularly and iron those that need to be ironed to keep them clean and tidy.

14. Be Confident - confidence is key guys. You can look  a million bucks in the eyes of others if and only if you carry yourself that way. Keep your head high, work gracefully and act like you don't care.

So there we have it, my top 14 tips on how to stay stylish all year round. Connect with me in the comment box down below and tell me what tip you would try, also don't forget to share this post and subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated...Thanks and have a lovely week  

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  1. Amazing tips Didi. I have an issue wearing jewellery, I guess I should start wearing them from today

  2. There's nothing more classy than keeping it simple,from clothes,makeup,accessories...great post by the way

  3. Cool simple fashion tips you've got there @deche. Nice one dear!

  4. What of those of us that don't know what our style is

    1. Hello Debby. I'm sure you've seen some style that you appreciate,begin with that. Styles that you like, feel comfortable wearing and mostly showcases your personality. That's basically how to know your style in a few words.


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