Namaste people. Lol I've gotten so used to hearing this word used as a form of greeting very recently among my friends. It was adopted from the Indians incase you didn't know.

I've been gone too long, I know, I know, but hey I'm back and better. I've seen a lot of people(bloggers) do this(random facts about me) and reading theirs got me thinking about me. You know how cool of a person I am and I just had to make a list for the benefit of those who don't know me. Let's get down to it then...

1) I talk gibberish when I feel really sleepy; I don't mean talking in my sleep, no. When I start to feel sleepy and happen to be talking, I usually start talking nonsense, literally, its like I'm drunk. I can be in a conversation with someone talking about the sky,but the moment sleep kicks in, I can start talking about how I would love to dance with a skeleton or go hiking with a skeleton just wearing panties, lol, true story guys, true story.

2) I cry when I'm idle- If there's anything I hate, its having nothing to do; being idle. I think its from my name Deborah meaning "Bee" and we know how bees are very busy set of creatures. I cry whenever I'm idle, crazy but true.

3) I call girls bitches and guys niggas when I start to feel comfortable with them. So if I start calling you that, don't be scared or feel insulted its just my way of saying I really like you.

4) My parents are ministers; shocker I know. You're prolly gonna say or think "but she doesn't look like a preachers kid". Yeah I know that. You wouldn't know unless I told you or you hear talking about the bible. I know my bible pretty well.

5) My name's Faama and I'm petite and cute and very funny. I like cute boys, like to admire animals from afar because I can't touch them (I'm crazy scared of them) and I'm in love with the idea of falling in love. 

Outfit deets
Top- Mothers own
Jeans- Levi's
Shoes- Nike
Bag- Miramar

That's about it for today guys, talk to me, tell me something weird about you too in the box below. Also tell me stuff you'd like for me to feature on the blog. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. I love your outfit Didi... You look really nice and Happy belated birthday

  2. A pretty nice 'let in' on your personae Deche. At least now I know why you call me Niggar😉. Love your content dear, kudos!!

    1. Thanks alot Providence... I appreciate

  3. Love the pants!!! And please don't call me "bitch', there are consequences!

  4. You didn't add that you like brezz


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